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So You’ve Bought cbd honey sticks … Now What?

Best CBD Honey-Sticks

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Choose the right Best CBD Honey-Sticks for you

Cbd honey sticks are a unique combination that brings you the health benefits of honey and CBD. Honey contains fructose and other natural minerals and nutrients. In addition, the antioxidants in honey can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases in the body.

CBD Honey Sticks or Honey Straws are a sweet treat for CBD snacks that can be eaten anytime to give you your daily dose of CBD. CBD Honey Sticks are made by infusing CBD into honey. Typically, you can get 10mg of CBD from each honey stick. However, the content may vary by product. You can eat half to two sticks per day.

Test the cbd honey stick for you

Don’t take our word for it; our products are rigorously tested for CBD content and potential contaminants in a certified lab to ensure your honey sticks are as concentrated as advertised and free of unwanted additives such as solvents, Pesticides or mycotoxins.

True North CBD Honey Sticks are a high quality CBD infused honey that is individually wrapped and provides 20mg of CBD per stick. Each packet contains a total of 1,000 mg of CBD for ingestion. True North Honey Sticks offer customers a THC-free CBD product that is easy to consume in a naturally sweetened form.

Start using cbd honey sticks

Before you invest all the time and energy into making your own CBD honey and CBD honey bars, we recommend buying pre-prepared varieties. Visit your local pharmacy or buy online from a reputable source, and see how often you’re actually using CBD honey sticks.

Honey Sticks are pre-measured doses of honey in thin straw-like tubes. They are designed to make honey easier to work with. Each bar contains a dose of honey and CBD. They take the frustration out of using honey – eg B. leaving a gooey mess when applied.

Solid CBD honey sticks can be used to stir your coffee or tea. The honey will melt into the brew while enhancing the beverage with CBD. You can also bite into CBD honey straws like rock candy. Chop up the honey stick and use it to garnish the top of a baked good.

Best CBD Honey-Sticks Brands Now

  • Gold Bee CBD-Infused Honey Sticks — Best CBD Honey Overall.
  • The Brother’s Apothecary CBD Honey — CBD Honey With Lavender.
  • American Shaman Honey Sticks — Runner-Up, Best CBD Honey Sticks.
  • Just CBD Cinnamon Honey Sticks — Cinnamon-Flavored Honey Sticks.
  • Luce Farm Hemp-Infused Honey — Best CBD Honey Jars.

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